Folsom Street Fair

After going last year, I didn’t think I’d end up at Folsom Street Fair again. But we have guests here from back home, and we couldn’t *not* take them. So off we went again.

There’s some pretty open sexual behavior that happens at the Fair; there are people engaging in sex acts, BDSM performances, and lots and lots of naked people wandering around. On paper, it doesn’t seem like the kind of place I’d ever seek out (except to spectate), given my lifestyle is (comparatively) pretty vanilla—but the energy is infectious. Here’s a subculture of people that doesn’t often get to publicly let their hair down and do what they love doing, and it’s one of the few times that they’re in an environment where they’re the majority.

There’s a shitload of dancing people, a shitload of happy, laughing people, and a truly celebratory atmosphere. I love that.

– – –

One woman was wearing a glorious rainbow feather headpiece complete with a silver unicorn horn on the front. When I asked her where she got it, she enthusiastically told me she designed it herself but had it made by “Miss G in Los Angeles… G as in G-spot!” and bounced away happily.

– – –

We walked past a bondage booth where a woman had been tied up tightly and was swinging and spinning, being assisted by a man. Both were (pretty much) fully clothed and not really doing anything other than swinging around happily. Just behind me, a jovial man leaned towards his partner and laughed, “is he giving her a temple massage?”