After 18 months of struggling (with, admittedly, some success), I’ve finally been diagnosed with ME/CFS. This diagnosis comes from a specialist in the field, who’s treated many others with similar problems, and he’s very optimistic – given the progress I’ve made on my own, there’s only a few other supplements and diet tweaks he’d like to add to my existing regime before putting me on a low dose of Naltrexone.

I don’t feel sad. Or happy. I feel… relieved? Visible? Validated?

I feel like I now have a purpose and a plan, and that I can tell people what’s wrong with me without needing to be vague or giving everyone a disclaimer that I have no official diagnosis. So I suppose my feelings are positive. The things I need to do now are easy for me to accomplish, and will hopefully make a difference. Being sick is shit, but not knowing what’s wrong with you is worse.

Here we go.