I’m very flattered…

Last week I hammered blindly at the keyboard to get my thoughts down on estrangement. It was nothing more than a kind of public diary entry, and a way of gently telling the world that cutting toxic people out is okay, and doesn’t have to mean drama or pain. 

A friend on Twitter shared it, likening my advice/thoughts to the kinds of things that Captain Awkward blogs about. I was incredibly flattered to be considered even remotely share-worthy, let alone similar to C.A.. 

Fast forward a few days and the same friend alerted me to the fact that C.A. had linked to my Estrangement post on her post about predator prevention. I hadn’t even considered that my advice and feelings about being allowed to cut people out of your life could be applied to potential abusers, and in turn, help people be more confident about removing toxic, or creepy, or predatory people from their social circles. 

That makes me feel pretty good, to be honest. I hope that if anyone reading this does decide to cut someone toxic or abusive out of their life, that they get in touch and tell me their story. I’d love to hear it.