Love story

We got engaged four years ago today, while we were in separate countries due to immigration issues. It was a mutual decision born from the realization that neither of us could bear to be apart from each other, and that marriage would permanently solve that problem.

There was no getting down on one knee. There was no sweeping gesture, no “will you marry me?” with a photographer.

There was no diamond ring (he later insisted on an engagement ring, and I insisted on no diamonds, because diamonds are silly).

There was a tearful phone conversation.

It was between two people desperately in love (both with zero interest in ever actually getting married) about how marriage, the thing we always found pointless and dumb, was suddenly the only thing that would allow us to be together.

So we did it. And we have no regrets.

I love our story. We did a thing neither of us really had a desire to do, but we did it for love. Not because it was the right time or the next step or because society thought we should. Not because our friends were getting married and we wanted to keep up.

We got married so we could be together, no matter where we end up on this weird and scary planet. That’s love.

I fucking love you, Jesse.