Mercury Rising, Part 1

I woke up. It took me a minute to realize where I was. His bedroom had floor-to-ceiling windows that looked down the hill, over other equally expensive houses and onto the beach. White sheets, minimalist furniture – “oh shit, this guy is wealthy”, I thought. He heard me stirring and rolled over, squinting, blinking hard.

He spoke first: “Hey.”

“Good morning”, I said, beginning to feel the first pangs of regret. One night stands hadn’t been my thing for a long time, and I’d only just met this guy last night at a nearby bar. Fuck. I couldn’t even remember his name.

He smacked his dry lips as he mumbled about how hungover he was, and that’s when my headache hit.

“Me too.”

Naked and barefoot, he rolled out of bed and padded across the hardwood floor to his kitchen, filling two glasses of water and bringing them back to bed. He handed one to me and I chugged it noisily, water dripping down my chin and chest, like a frat boy playing beer pong – and he smiled at me. I liked him, even if I got some weird, mechanical vibes from him, and his house was beautiful. He must have known exactly what I was thinking.

“Wanna hang here for the day? I can order shitty food and we can stare out the window or watch movies or…”

“Sure”, I said, trying to act cool.