Raven Lodge to Kwai Lake and back

Yesterday we hiked from Raven Lodge (Mount Washington) to Kwai Lake and back. We covered about 19kms, with ~185m of elevation gain. The trails were varied and sometimes quite difficult, but at every turn, we found ourselves surrounded by unimaginable beauty. 

Upon arriving at Helen Mackenzie Lake, we stopped for a couple of minutes to rest and decide whether to continue (and add ~15km to our day’s hike) or turn back. We watched a few people trying to lure a Steller’s Jay onto a tree trunk with food, so they could get some photos. As soon as they put their cameras away, guess who came to eat? (I have no photos of the jay, because he was a crafty bugger.)

I had a few “why do I do this again?” moments (as I do with many hikes). But, as always, the destination made it all worth it. We got to Kwai Lake, and stopped for a quick (and picturesque) smoke, snack, and rest:

We hiked the last few kilometers in the dark with an exhausted dog and sore legs before driving home happy and hungry. I cracked a shower beer, we ate, watched a movie, and passed out for 12 hours. 

My legs are sore and life is good.