I invented a silly drink

Sometimes someone takes a photo of you at a moment you’re not entirely expecting and then shows you and you realize how utterly perfect this photo is of you, how accurate. Because of how weird and unwell and tired you feel… And how quiet I’ve become because of it, this illness. The never-ending mystery.

…and a sneaky olive in the corner. And a cocktail made from Björk (an Icelandic birch liquor, not the Icelandic musician).

I made it up: THE ERICJÖRK

  1. Pour some Björk into a glass receptacle, over ice cubes (however many you want).
  2. Place three slices of cucumber and one lemon slice in the Björk.
  3. Admire the Björk. Double check that it’s the liquor, not the musician.
  4. Fill glass to top with sparkling mineral water.
  5. Sip your Ericjörk and feel the Icelandic feelings that are felt in Iceland.