This morning I woke up feeling pretty good, which is always a nice surprise these days. After Jesse left for work, I flung open our curtains and checked the weather. It’s going to hover around 20ºC all week, with no rain. Gorgeous.

I did some yoga, got ready for work, and headed for Golden Gate Park with Rigby (we walk through the park on our way to the office; it keeps me sane, and keeps him chilled out and happy for the rest of the day).

At one point, as we were walking downhill, Rigby stopped to sniff something. I had momentum in my stride and continued down the hill as I turned my head to look at him.

Big mistake.

My left ankle rolled into a massive hole in the pavement, and thanks to my downhill momentum, I ended up falling flat on my face and continuing to slide on my stomach down the hill. Thankfully, one saw. It hurt. I was covered in dirt.

I got up, brushed myself off as best I could, and kept walking. As the shock wore off, the pain started: my left shoulder, elbow, and wrist, as well as swelling and pain in my right knuckles. Thankfully, nothing is bad enough to warrant anything more than some ibuprofen – I can type, and that’s all I need to be able to do to keep earning money.

This gorgeous morning was momentarily hijacked by a stupid hole in the pavement.

Whatever. I’ll take it – the good is still outweighing the bad.