Facebook: deactivate

I deactivated again. I don’t know for how long I’m going to stay away, but it’s amazing how quickly I felt a weight off my shoulders. One less thing to check, one less thing to spend time and energy on.

It was exhausting. Funny and fun at times, but fucking exhausting. Good news and bad news and photos and advertisements and promotions and piles of bullshit. I stopped uploading pictures a while ago (they’re all on Flickr), and suddenly Facebook was less of a photo-sharing tool, and became something to be managed. Responding to messages, RSVP-ing to events, watching people be passive-aggressive towards each other.


I’m so tired of watching people I knew settle for less in life than they deserved. I’m tired of seeing people post racist or sexist bullshit. I’m sick of my eye twitching at awful spelling and grammar. I’m sick of requests from people I knew 20 years ago but haven’t thought about since. I’m sick of being questioned whenever I unfriend someone. I’m sick of scrolling aimlessly through my feed as soon as I wake up in the morning. I’m sick of world news, of people being awful to each other, of the unabated junk that everyone shares (myself included). No one should start their day digesting the minutiae of distant acquaintances. It’s weird as fuck.

Ehhh, I’ll probably be back on it in no time because of Events.