I’m still jetlagged and nauseous as hell. I need to get out into the sunshine.

Yesterday we landed at 6:30am, picked up our massive (and worse for wear) rental 4WD and drove to our Airbnb. Our plan was to nap for an hour and then keep ourselves awake all day, but as soon as our heads hit the pillow (about 9:30am) we were gone. We slept through alarms and people knocking on our door. We woke up at 4pm.


Our Airbnb has a geothermal hot tub. It fills with water that comes directly from hot springs in about 15 minutes, and the water is sulphuric as hell – smelly, but good for the skin.

After waking up and being annoyed at ourselves for sleeping for too long, we headed into Reykjavik for dinner, a drink at Dolly, and some groceries, before heading home for another hot tub session before then crashing out.

This place is magical. I’m in lichen heaven (it’s everywhere), the people are beautiful and kind, and everyone is very excited to talk about their country.

Sunrise hits at about 4am, and sunset at about 10:30pm. It’s a little surreal, but I love it. I don’t know how I would handle the darkness in winter if I lived here, though.

Today: flea market, and wandering around Reykjavík city.