Facebook Strategy

I love life without Facebook, but so much is organized on it nowadays that it gets harder and harder for me to justify deactivating again. I read a few things online on the topic, and here’s what I ended up doing, and it’s been great. 

Step 1
Take the time to unfollow everyone – yes, everyone. Then, go through the pages you like and curate them. Don’t unfollow your favorite pages/artists/brands/news outlets. When you log on next, your timeline will be blissfully free of other people’s photos and updates. It’ll just be the interesting shit that you like. Fuck yeah!

Step 2
Turn off all notifications except for those related to events (extend this to groups that you want to keep abreast of if you so desire). I keep these notifications limited to email. 

Step 3
Here’s the hard one: delete the Facebook app from your mobile device/s. (If you have a lot of friends that rely on Messenger to communicate, keep that.) Trust me: after a few spaced-out attempts to open Facebook on your phone to kill time, you’ll realize how much time you waste on that shit. 

Step 4
Enjoy the free headspace, and free yourself from other people’s minutiae.