Monday morning

Get ready and barrel out the door with a dog that’s desperate to get outside and poop.

Rush to the bus stop, pausing once to pick up said dog’s poop (with the last poop bag). Quietly panic because this dog usually poops twice.

Get to bus stop just as bus pulls up. Congratulate yourself for making it.

Realize your wallet is not in your bag, so you can’t get on the bus.

Swear a lot.

Start heading back for home with a dog that is pulling hard on the leash to try and find a place to poop.

Apologize to the dog and coax it home (aka pretty much drag the confused animal two blocks to home while it continually stops and digs its heels in).

Get home.

Grab poop bags.

Look everywhere for your wallet.

Realize your wallet is in the car.

Realize the car is parked on the street and needed to be moved an hour ago to avoid a parking fine.

Leave the confused dog inside while you run out, move the car, grab your wallet, and close the garage.

Leave the house again.

Dog poops.

You sprint and make it just in time for the bus.