Three months, zero alcohol.

Today marks the end of our three month period of no alcohol (Jan 1–Mar 31). 

Some thoughts: 

  • Saying yes to a drink is no longer automatic. That’s probably the best thing to have happened. 
  • I feel great, and I’ve lost 5kg – partly due to a better diet (to help with CFS symptoms) and partly due to no alcohol. I’ve had to throw out all my jeans and buy all new ones.
  • Alcohol often turns reasonable, pleasant people into unreasonable, unpleasant people. Not always, but often enough to make me think twice about having more than 2-3 drinks in a sitting. Slurring, falling over, and acting inebriated is a lot less funny to me now. 
  • Legal cannabis makes it a lot easier to avoid alcohol – no hangover, no calories, no dumb behavior, and it’s great for anxiety/stress/sleep/CFS pain. It’s really the opposite of alcohol.